We develop apps for the Android and iOS smartphone platforms.

Our primary in-house app is the Ghoti word game. It is an original word game with endless challenges. The game is currently available in English and Swedish on the Android platform. The iOS version is scheduled for release shortly.

If you are looking for an app contractor, we also do contracting. We have Android and iOS know-how along with general experience in Java and web development, including server side solutions with Tomcat, PHP, mySQL, etc. Feel free to contact us via the form on the about page.

Ghoti word game Ghoti word game
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AppForGrabs Software is a trade name used by sole proprietor Leif Rilbe.
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There seems to be a bug in the current Ghoti version that causes the app to crash at game over on certain devices.   We are working on this issue and hopefully a fix will be available shortly.  

Our logs have been showing that there might be some server availability issues and we are now working to fix this.   The plan is to set up a fallback server which the app will connect to in case of the main server being inaccessible. Hopefully server errors will start to drop starting this... Read more

Ghoti English is now available for free download at GetJar!